CardLinX Certification

CardLinX Certification

Card-linking has quickly established itself as the premier online-to-offline marketing and loyalty strategy. CardLinx research shows that card-linked transactions are growing at over 50% a year. This growth in the industry has created significant demand on merchants, banks/card issuers, digital publishers, mobile wallet apps and loyalty coalitions to launch card-linked programs. These companies often need help launching and running new card-linked programs while complying with accepted industry standards.

As the leading global card-linked industry association, CardLinx has launched the CardLinx Certification Program. This program provides assurance for companies launch- ing new programs that professionals who attain this designation understand and comply with current card—linking industry standards.

How Certification Works

Companies interested in certification must be a CardLinx Association member in good standing and must also pass a certification standard on one of the following topic areas:

  1. CardLinx Standards
  2. Card-linking User Interface Design
  3. Card-linking APIs
  4. Card-linking System Providers

Once certification is complete, certified providers are licensed to use the CardLinx Association Certified mark for one year from the date of certification. CardLinx certification enables the CardLinx Association to provide no-fee referrals to certified providers.

There will be a fee for certification that covers the all certification testing for each of the modules listed above. Certification fees must be renewed annually.

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