Reinventing Retail: Mobile and Multi-Channel Commerce

MARCH 7th 2017 – DALLAS, TX

Reinventing Retail: Mobile and Multi-Channel Commerce

MARCH 7th 2017 – DALLAS, TX

New technologies including mobile phones and card-linking are creating more opportunities for retailers and merchants.

The shopping experience is being fundamentally reinvented both online and in-store. But not all technologies are delivering equal success. This conference brings together the leading merchants and technology companies from mobile, digital advertising and card-linking to distill what is really working for consumers and what is not.

Adolphus Hotel
1321 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75202

MEETING: 8:30AM – 5:00PM


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Arvind Ronta

Director, Discover

David Kristal

CEO, Augeo Marketing

Kim Fraser

SVP Business Development, Bankrate

Jon Carder

CEO, Empyr

Jonathan Silver

CEO, Affinity Solutions

Jeff Mankoff

CEO, vPromos

Brandon Logsdon

CEO, Excentus

Erno Tauriainen



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