CardLinx Certification Process

What is the CardLinx Certification Program?

The purpose of the CardLinx Certification Program is to ensure quality standards for online to offline and card-linking service providers.

Card-linking has quickly established itself as the premier online-to-offline marketing and loyalty strategy. CardLinx research shows that card-linked transactions are growing at over 50% a year. This growth in the industry has created significant demand for merchants, banks/card issuers, digital publishers, mobile wallet apps and loyalty coalitions to launch card-linked programs. These companies often need help launching and running new card-linked programs while complying with accepted industry standards.

As the leading global card-linked industry association, CardLinx has launched the CardLinx Certification Program. This program provides assurance for companies launching new programs that professionals who attain this designation understand and comply with current card-linking industry standards.

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CardLinx Certification Program Objectives

Must Be a CardLinx Member

Service Providers must be members in good standing of the CardLinx Forum at the Associate or Board level.

Priority on Service Requests

CardLinx Certified Providers will be given priority on service requests from CardLinx members at no additional cost.

Included in Online Directory

In addition, Certified CardLinx Providers have a web link that is included in the CardLinx Certified Provider Online directory. The directory is accessible from the CardLinx Forum website.

CardLinx Certified Logo

After successfully completing the CardLinx Certification Procedure, providers may display the CardLinx Certified logo when presenting and providing services.

The Certification Procedure

CardLinx Certified Providers must pass a certification procedure which comprises two 1-hour certification exams. These exams are done via teleconference and cover two subject matter areas:

10 Questions

CardLinx Standards

10 Questions

Online to Offline
Market Structure
Industry Roles

Materials and questions are provided in advance of the two 1-hour certification exams.

The Certification Fee

Upon successfully passing the certification procedure, the provider pays an annual fee of $5,000 and is provided with a CardLinx Certified Provider Certificate. The CardLinx Certificate is valid for a one-year period and must be renewed to ensure compliance with all new standards.

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