CardLinx West Forum

Data & Mobile Offers – The Next Phase of Commerce

October 7th, 2020 | via Zoom


Executive Keynote Speakers

ashwin raj Lyft

Ashwin Raj

VP of Payments, Lyft

Ridesharing and Mobile Wallets – The New Driver of Commerce

paul siegfried Transunion

Paul Siegfried

Senior Vice President, TransUnion

The Impact of COVID19 on Credit Card and Generation Y

ryan wuerch Dosh

Ryan Wuerch

Chief Executive Officer, Dosh

Mobile Influence: The Behavioral Science Behind Driving Payment Loyalty and Consumer Engagement

Kirsty Rankin Mastercard

Kirsty Rankin

Senior Vice President, Product Development, Mastercard Loyalty

mehmet sezgin mygini

Mehmet Sezgin

CEO, myGini

How Community Banks Use CLO To Level The Playing Field

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