CardLinx East Forum

Artificial Intelligence – What’s In Store for the Future of Fin-Tech?

June 15th, 2021 | 8:00am – 11:00am EST | via Zoom

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CardLinx East Forum: Artificial Intelligence – What’s In Store for the Future of Fin-Tech?

Improving personalization, increasing security, making the payment process smoother: These are the promises of AI. Consumers—and those who serve them including merchants, bankers, processors and marketers—stand to benefit by application of artificial intelligence to the card-linking experience. Gain insight and understanding about what’s happening in fin-tech when it comes to AI.

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Executive Keynote Speakers

paul siegfried Transunion

Paul Siegfried

SVP – Financial Services, TransUnion

'Information for Good - Using Data to Improve Commerce'

ryan wuerch Dosh

Ryan Wuerch

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Dosh

'The New Age of Personalization in Digital Commerce'

David Josephs

President & Chief Operating Officer, Onbe

bruno chauvat Travelsify

Bruno Chauvat

Chief Executive Officer, Travelsify

'How Data and AI Will Drive the Rebound in Global Commerce'

Ayush Choure Krowd

Ayush Choure

Chief Technology Officer, Krowd

'A World Without Offers: AI Driven Personalized Pricing'

terry mcmullen OpenSparkz

Terry McMullen

Chief Executive Officer, OpenSparkz

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