Digital Marketing In a Time of Recession

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The Secret Weapon for Global Retailers Using Targeted CLO

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The CardLinx Forum introduces the CardLinx Forum Webinar Series

The webinars are complimentary for all CardLinx Forum members. Non-members must pay a registration fee of $99. If you are interested in a membership with the CardLinx Forum please visit our membership page. Register today as space for each webinar is limited!

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Tuesday, November 15th , 12:00 – 12:45pm EST

Building and Selling a Tech Company – The Buyer’s Point of View

Join two experienced investors and acquirers for an “ask me anything” DCA Insights session about how repeat buyers of tech and fintech companies make their decisions, what they look for, and how they’ve learned from mistakes. This session is open to anyone to attend and is targeted for start-ups and small fintechs.

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David Kristal – Founder & CEO, Augeo

Justin Kaufenberg – Managing Director, Rally Ventures

Below are among the growing list of companies who have attended our past webinars.

Previous Webinars


Building a Differentiated Experience for FI Members with Travel Cash Back Offers

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022; 10am – 11am PST

Travel is back in a big way. With terms like GOAT (Greatest of All Trips) being used, consumers who spent the pandemic close to home are looking to get away, planning travel earlier, spending more, and staying longer. For banks and credit unions, this change offers an opportunity to surprise and delight their members, and keep their debit card top of wallet, with cash back offers on travel. Join this webinar to learn more about the shifts in travel, how the recently announced partnership between travel.win and Valuedynamx is making cash back offers available to our clients, and what this means for your organization.

Ed Wogan, SVP, Chief Merchant Officer – Collinson Valuedynamx
Ted Mooney, CEO & Founder – Travel.win


Winning the Basket: How banks and merchants can collaborate to inspire and influence the shopping experience

Monday, February 28th; 9am – 10am PST

Banks and merchants continue to blur the lines of how shopping behavior is shaped.  This evolution means more banks and merchants are partnering to capture consumer buying signals and influence the shopper journey before it begins. We will dive into the unique, connected commerce ecosystem that sits at the intersection of digital media, payments and how they are coming together outside of the card-linked offer marketplace.

Allie Ferguson, VP, Bank Partner Strategy – Cardlytics

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Data: The Fuel Transforming Customer Experiences

Thursday, December 16th; 9am – 10am PST

With companies competing against each other for customer engagement, innovation and best data practices will be essential for success.  Knowing what to do with the data you are gathering will be crucial for your success. In this session, we will cover the top 5 data innovations that will change the way you think about your customers in 2022.

Jean Perez, Head of Data & Analytics – Collinson Valuedynamx

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mark coffey GasBuddy


Staying Relevant: How a Legacy Digital Brand Evolved Through Payments & CLO

Wednesday, November 17th; 10am – 11am PST

Founded in 2000 and having launched its first app in 2010, GasBuddy quickly grew to one of the top 5 most used travel apps in North America. Now, the company leads as one of the nation’s top fuel savings platforms, providing North American drivers with the most ways to save money on gas.

Despite the app’s popularity, its monetization and user engagement opportunities were once limited as a basic utility. In this session, learn from General Manager Mark Coffey how GasBuddy created a payments and loyalty strategy over the past 4 years that transformed every aspect of the business – fueling the rise of a digital-first economy.

Mark Coffey, General Manager – GasBuddy

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Win, Win, Win – How Banks, Merchants, and Consumers Win in the CLO Ecosystem

Wednesday, October 20th; 10am – 11am PST

Allie will share Cardlytics’ point of view on the modern card-linked offer marketplace and how it creates value for merchants, customers, and publishers. She will break down insights that have driven the transformation of strategy and technology in the CLO industry and will share how when publishers like banks and neobanks work together, the possibilities are exponential. She will also share how consumers are best served when their offer journeys and bank journeys are closely aligned.

Allie Ferguson, VP of Bank Partner Strategy – Cardlytics

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Fractional Ownership and the Next Generation of Asset Classes

Wednesday, September 22nd; 9am – 10am PST

Cashback, points, and discounts linked to payment cards are effective ways to drive sales and loyalty. Now a new rewards category is incenting consumers to buy—stocks. Fractional stock rewards let buyers “own” the brands they love, enabling them to grow their wealth, and earn dividends, risk-free. Learn more about how fintech innovation continues to find new ways to drive the customer experience in personal, positive ways.

Arash Asady, Chief Executive Officer – Bits of Stock

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Payouts Network – The New Age of Disbursements: How Payments are Going Virtual

Wednesday, August 18th; 10:00am – 11:00am PST

What’s the best way to pay employees, suppliers, merchants and customers? In today’s digital economy, cumbersome and costly methods like checks, gift cards and ACH are giving way to the issuance, acceptance and claiming of money in real-time. Learn more about how businesses, financial institutions and consumers worldwide are benefiting from virtual payment processes.

Keith Smith, Chief Executive Officer – Payouts Network

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david nelsen Bumped


Bumped – How Stock Rewards are Changing the Loyalty Landscape

Wednesday, July 21st; 9:00am – 10:00am PST

2021 has brought the power of Retail Investors (individual consumers who own stocks) to the forefront of national conversations. As brands and financial institutions begin to look at what this surge of ownership means for them, David Nelsen from Bumped will share his insights on how owning even a small piece of a company can change the customer relationship. Join us for the exciting conversation about how stock rewards and ownership can transform loyalty for your company.

David Nelsen, Chief Executive Officer / Founder – Bumped

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Augeo/Figg – Driving the Next Transaction Through Data, Personalization and Curation

Wednesday, June 23rd; 9:00am – 10:00am PST

What’s it take to motivate shoppers to buy? The ability to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Targeted card-linked advertising offers powered by consumer transaction data drive revenue and loyalty. Learn more about how to connect with customers in meaningful ways.

David Kristal, Chief Executive Officer – Augeo
Brandon Dols, President – Figg

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Affinity Solutions – The Power of Real Time Data for Merchants

Tuesday, May 18th; 10:00am – 11:00am PST

How do marketers, agencies and media organizations meet demand for emotionally resonant experiences that enrich people’s lives? Learn more about how high fidelity signals into consumers’ purchase behavior derived from where, when and how they shop are driving engagement and loyalty.

Jonathan Silver, Chief Executive Officer – Affinity Solutions

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lu dong take me pay


TakeMe Pay – Empowering Small Business with Innovative Mobile Payments

Tuesday, April 20th; 4:00pm – 5:00pm PST / Wednesday, April 21st; 8:00am – 9:00am Tokyo

By participating in this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the latest trends in mobile payments in Asia, particularly China and Japan
  • Identify how to use mobile payments to drive sales for small merchants, especially restaurants
  • Get the latest insights on the resumption of cross border business travel and tourism

Speaker | Lu Dong, Chief Executive Officer – TakeMe Pay

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jennifer medeiro Rakuten
jack connors google pay


Google Pay and Rakuten – The Future of Shopping Smarter

Wednesday, March 24th; 9:00am – 10:00am PST

Learn more about how Rakuten is incentivizing consumers to fill their shopping carts through a new partnership with Google Pay. Now it’s easier than ever for merchants to engage with customers via the offers, rewards and customized, dynamic content that drive sales and build loyalty.

Speakers | Jennifer Medeiros, Senior Director of  Partnerships – Rakuten In Store Network & Jack Connors, Head of Merchant Partnerships – Google Pay

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Ed Edenred


Rethinking Benefits: Advance Wages to Relieve Food Insecurity

Wednesday, February 10th; 11:30am – 12:30am PST

How to improve your employee’s satisfaction and financial well-being? Many employers are taking steps to help their workforce navigate these uncertain times of financial insecurity. During this webinar we are going to talk about AnytimePay, a new feature from Edenred Benefits that allows participants to bridge the gap between paychecks, giving them access to food and groceries when they need it most.

Speaker | Ed Fleischmann, Chief Executive Officer – Edenred Benefits

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David Josephs daVinci Payments
Rodney Mason daVinci Payments


The Future of Shopping – Men are from Earth and Women are too!

Tuesday, January 12th; 9am-10am PST

While their transaction behaviors were once from Mars and Venus, they’re now meeting in the middle and we will share how and why.

daVinci Payments will share two very recent shopper studies that illustrate the differences and similarities of how Men and Women, shop, and transact.

Speaker | David Josephs, CEO – daVinci Payments
Speaker | Rodney Mason, CMO – daVinci Payments

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Ethan Chuang Mastercard
Kirsty Rankin Mastercard


Great Expectations: What’s in Store for Payments and Loyalty in 2021

The rise in eCommerce, the surge of contactless payments and mobile wallets: These industry trends are defining the new normal—and the role loyalty will play as we head into the new year. Learn more about what to expect in 2021 from CardLinx member Kirsty Rankin, senior vice president of product development, data and services at Mastercard.

Speaker | Kirsty Rankin, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Data & Services – Mastercard
Speaker | Ethan Chuang, Vice President, Loyalty Solutions – Mastercard

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Terry McMullen OpenSparkz


Using Card-Linked Offers to Reinvent the Mall Experience

Consumers are returning to the mall. Why? Physical efforts by shopping centers (i.e. free parking) to incent shoppers to visit are being complemented by retailers serving up personalized offers linked to a consumer’s credit card. Enhancing both the physical and digital experience is driving a return to centralized places to shop.

Speaker | Terry McMullen, Co-Founder & CEO – OpenSparkz

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Ryan Wuerch Dosh


The Future is Frictionless for Consumers and Merchants – The Keys to Rewards Success

Dosh CEO Ryan Wuerch joins Cardlinx CEO Silvio Tavares to take a deep dive into how everyone in the ecosystem – financial institutions, brands, and customers – benefits from a frictionless rewards experience.

Speaker | Ryan Wuerch, Founder & CEO – Dosh

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Mladen Vladic FIS


How Will FinTech Change the Way Challenger Banks Reward and Engage Consumers

Financial institutions are facing a challenge when it comes to engaging and retaining consumers. As new competitors are crossing over to the financial arena and providing new and easier experiences, consumers are breaking away from the traditional banking experience. As the leading FinTech company, FIS is uniquely positioned to offer loyalty solutions to all providers of financial services to consumers.

Instead of focusing on card-based rewards, which narrows a FI’s strategy to transactional, providers of financial services should focus on a tailored, holistic relationship rewards strategy. It’s time to implement a loyalty strategy that encourages product growth across the entire product suite and helps increase their overall portfolio. The redemption habits of today’s more sophisticated cardholders underscore a growing preference for cash rewards, “points as currency.” Today’s consumers expect three things from their loyalty programs: personalization, immediacy, and ease of redemption.

Speaker | Mladen Vladic, General Manager of Loyalty – FIS

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Dan Kimball Yelp


Digital Marketing In a Time of Recession

Join us in this month’s webinar to hear from a panel of executives from Yelp, Microsoft and ContextLink to learn what they are doing to help merchants grow through this recession. Panelists include Geoff McDonald – CEO of ContextLink, Neal Bernstein – Senior Director at Microsoft, and Dan Kimball, SVP of Marketing at Yelp. You’ll learn about the impact of Covid19 on each of their representing organizations, the current situation around marketing budgets and the ecosystem, current tools and strategies deemed successful and unsuccessful, performance thus far and hypothesis moving forward.

Geoff McDonald – CEO of ContextLink
Neal Bernstein – Senior Director at Microsoft
Dan Kimball – Senior VP of Marketing at Yelp

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Guy Rect Collinson ValueDynamx


The New Age of Digital Loyalty in Travel

Covid 19 has fundamentally changed travel and the airline loyalty miles industry. However, this change has spurred innovation in all sectors of the space. New approaches including card-linking, partnerships with e-commerce, and novel engagement models have spurred new growth. Hear from Guy Deslandes, Head of Global Services at Collinson Valuedynamx, on how Covid19 has impacted airline loyalty programs and how travel will change in new and permanent ways.

Speaker | Guy Deslandes, Loyalty Commerce Specialist – Collinson

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Carolina Harvey Nichols


Digital Engagement and Mobile Apps – The Keys To Commerce

As consumer spending re-emerges in the recovery phase of Covid-19, mobile apps are driving increased brand awareness and digital engagement. Gasbuddy is a top 5 travel app on the Apple App store and has developed powerful engagement strategies to drive a significant surge in users. In this webinar learn from Gasbuddy CEO, Sarah McCrary:

  • How to engage consumers on mobile
  • How to position your brand as front of mind and top of wallet
  • How to drive increased sales for your goods and services on online and on mobile

Speaker | Sarah McCrary, CEO – GasBuddy

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Paul Transunion


The Secret Weapon for Global Retailers Using Targeted CLO

Nimble, innovative merchants are deploying novel digital marketing techniques to acquire and reward customers. Card-linked offers have emerged as a unique tool for upscale merchants looking to personalize offers to affluent consumers around the world. Join Harvey Nichols, a leading UK and global merchant, to learn how to implement CLO digital marketing techniques to drive e-commerce sales.

Speaker | Carolina Paradas, Global Affiliate Marketing Manager – Harvey Nichols

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Sarah McCrary GasBuddy


Changes in Consumer Credit Behavior Through Covid-19

Consumer behavior is changing as lives are impacted by Covid-19. Credit cards were once viewed as discretionary are becoming an essential lifeline by enabling consumers sheltering in place to receive necessary goods and services. Paul Siegfried, Senior Vice President at Transunion, one of the big three credit bureaus, will share insights and analysis about the state of the industry.

Speaker | Paul Siegfried, Senior Vice President – TransUnion

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